About Lady Intelligence

Tonya Sharae Davis was born in Cleveland, Ohio and has authored literary works as Nicol, Nicol Fox, and Tonya Nicol Davis. 


In 2009, Tonya Sharae Davis had a vision to create a forum of workshops, teleminars, and blog posts that provided candid discussion for women regarding matters most important to them and on their mind.  Lady Intelligence, Ltd. was formally established in 2011 with the mission to engage conscious thought regarding the relationships that women have with men and money as well as regarding health and wellness.


Lady Intelligence was created to be an educational resource of healthy dialogue to bring generational behaviors to the forefront that play out in current relationships.  This dialogue sets the stage to a current lifestyle and legacy of prosperity, abundance, and love.


The expanded platform included the internet radio show "Lady Intelligence Live!"  (no longer in production) on Blog Talk Radio which had grown to over 17,500 recorded listens; co-host of "Nicol and Womack" (no longer in production) and Lady Intelligence - The Blog on Blogger.com which had received over 5,200 views.  The expanded platform also includes published books and the implementation of workshops/teleseminars across the country forecasted for 2018.


Ms. Davis has 30 years of work experience with concentration in the areas of executive administration, corporate training and development, human resources, labor relations, employee benefits and services, as well as process/system improvement. Davis has authored logistical and application systems used global wide within several Fortune 500 companies.

Ms. Davis is also a practitioner in the areas of real estate, financial services, and retail. Davis draws upon her experiences while working for social services agencies, major hospital systems, and national and international companies in almost every industry as a married professional and as a manager of a single parent household.

Ms. Davis* is a speaker, trainer, musician, vocalist, voice-over artist, and actor on stage and film.  Davis continually develops literary works under the Lady Intelligence, Ltd. imprint. 

Ms. Davis enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and creating empowerment avenues for women.  Ms. Davis can be contacted at ms.tonya.s.davis@gmail.com.

 “When it comes to certain topics you can’t just tiptoe around them and sugarcoat.  It's about being real about things that can either build up or tear down a lifestyle.  Not only is that intelligent, but it is the foundation of progression.” 
 – Tonya Sharae Davis
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